Paati Masala is one of the leading wholesale sellers of spice powders in Tamil Nadu. Initiated as PAATI MASALA, the company started its first processing center in Tamil Nadu. To meet the needs of Bulk Quantity customers, today we’ve started exporting the variety of spices to different countries of the world. Our main aim is to satisfy the customers with the freshly ground spices of nature and make way for a healthy cooking.

Paati Masala offers a wide range of spices including Ground spices, Whole spices, and Blended varieties. Our produces are always authentic and of high quality filled in comfortable packs to tailor to the consumer needs. Our range contains the “Flavors of Tamil Nadu", which is a perfect blend of spices from the traditional Tamil Nadu. Our spices are prepared under the expert advice of popular chefs delivering the traditional taste with top-notch quality.

The full range of the special spices that we bring to the market has been obtained, processed and packed in Tamil Nadu. The chosen set of spices have been handpicked and made ready from the selected parts of Tamil Nadu to flavor the cooking of people to the best across the world. Paati Masala, in this endeavor, has formed a full-fledged, state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging unit of these precious spices at Tamil Nadu

The method we follow and the materials we use assure top quality and hygiene of our products. To add on, it also preserves the natural freshness of spices assuring that all its fundamental properties are intact for good health of our customers.